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Enthralling fantasy football app solutions for your fantasy sports business.
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Fantasy Football App Development

Fantasy Football App Development Company

Football is not a sport. It is an emotion. What if there is an option to enhance the emotion to the next level and make the audience more exciting. We, at Fantasy sports Tech, have rightly understood that and come up with a gaming app for football. We have covered all the major football leagues that are happening around the world and conjoined them in one place. We are professionalists in building a fantasy football app for your users. Our experienced team of developers and UI designers can help you to craft your football betting site in a short time with much accuracy.Our White label fantasy football app is completely secure and engulfed with all security features. You can customize or modify the app based on your business requirements and area of operation. We, at Fantasy sports Tech, provide excellent backend support and help you to manage the software without any technical interruptions.

Fantasy Football Development Company
User Interface

Our CMS is well maintained and updated that you can effectively manage your content and attract a huge number of users. The user can track the live score and enjoy gaming as well. Be it an occasional or passionate fantasy football player, we can provide your users with an exhilarating gaming experience through our stunning user interface and attractive dashboard. Our application is assisted with an easy-to-use software with modifications done based on your convenience. We assist you to integrate all the viable payment methods so that your user will find it easy while betting and withdrawing the profits. If you have made up your mind to earn more profits by starting a fantasy football app, Fantasy sports tech is a point of single contact for all your fantasy football app and site needs.

What is a Fantasy football league?

Fantasy gaming is gaining traction in the world right now. The fantasy football league is an online gaming platform where the users can choose their desired player and create it as a team based on the points.

The users can also manage their team and play along with the real team that is competing in the real match. Their winnings will be based on the player’s performance in the real match. If the players whom they have selected had performed well, their winnings will be enormous. The user can even create private contests and compete with their friends. Also, they can join public leagues, analyze the latest scores and the previous scores, and select players accordingly. We, At Fantasy Sports Tech will help you to design your desired fantasy football app to engage your users to play fantasy leagues and win exciting rewards and real money. We provide a complete package of all major leagues in the fantasy software platform along with the latest updates from time to time.

Fantasy Football Website and Mobile Applications

How does the Fantasy Football app works?

The entire business model of Fantasy football app development is to facilitate the players and to engage them with the game so that they win real money and you earn profits. This is a win-win situation.

1. The user needs to register with his mail id or any social logins to create an account.

2. Either they can sign up directly or use the referral code given by their friends or family members. Signing up with a referral code will provide the user with some reward benefits.

3. The user, to participate in a league, had to get an entry ticket to the league by paying the entry amount. Various payment options are provided in the fantasy football app for facilitating the payments quickly.

4. After getting entry into the league, the player needs to draft a football team based upon the drafting options provided by the fantasy football app. We, at Fantasy sports Tech, provide popular drafting categories including Auction based drafting, serpentine and offline drafting.

5. The user can draft his team based on the price tag of a specific player.

6. The user can make any number of changes within the lock-in period. After the lock-in period, no modifications or changes are allowed to make from the player’s side. This is completely managed by your app’s admin panel.

7. During the match, the user can analyze the team’s performance based on the player that had been selected.

8. After the end of the game, the points will be distributed to the player according to their performance in the real game.

how does the Fantasy Football app works

Benefits of Fantasy Football App Development

“We sow our contribution and you reap the benefits out of it as consistent profits”. We imbibe our fantasy football app with variable benefits for our clients to enhance their business in multiple ways.

Sharing Revenue
No sharing of Revenue

Once the app reaches the clients’ hand, no means of sharing of revenue is done from our end. All the profits that the client earns belongs to him.

Instant Software
Instant software to compete in the market

We have white label software that is worth launching instantly so that you can compete with your competitors in the fantasy sports market.

Search Engine Optimized Platform
Search Engine Optimized platform

You need not worry about ranking in the search engines. We have the best content team that can provide you the best content with SEO keywords that is enough to rank your app at the top.

Multi-lingual Support
Multilingual assistance

Our fantasy football app comes with multiple language support and hence you can engage your users from all over the world.

User-friendly Software
User-friendly software

It is a complete user-friendly software. A user can access our fantasy football app on all devices with much ease.

Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs and additional revenue models

Our app is engulfed with additional revenue streams for both the clients and the users. Yes, the client can earn extra revenue through ad modules and the user can earn rewards and loyalty benefits through referral and other bonus offers.

Payment Integration
Multiple Payment Integration

multiple payment options - both regional and international payments are integrated and can be modified according to the client’s preference to make the payments real quick.

Advanced Features of our Fantasy Football App Development

Features that can put your users in the app of virtual reality.

Our prime aim is to make the players more cheerful while they use our client’s football fantasy app. So, we have added some advanced features which are unique in perspective.

Scintillating dashboard
Scintillating dashboard with mind-blowing game lobby

All the user wants will be reflected in the dashboard without much crowding. Our app UI is the best in the fantasy marketplace that the user gets engaged in it for a long time.

Mulitple draft
Multiple draft options

The player can choose various draft options that he would like to opt to. Draft options including the Serpentine, Auto-drafting, salary caps, and other online and offline drafting options are available.

Data feeding infrastructure
Data feeding infrastructure

We have the finest data feeding infrastructure where we connect directly with the league to provide data consistently.

Badges and honors

We, in our fantasy football app conduct contests, and for those winners, we provide achievement badges and honors for their impeccable performance. Through this, we can make our clients’ football fantasy app as one of the reliable and tranquil media.

Leader board

The user can refer to the leaderboard to compare his performance with others and the players’ performance that he had chosen.

Referral offers
Referral offers and ad modules

Affiliate options are available for our fantasy football app and so the client can make their users promote their app and earn exciting rewards. Also, the client can earn additional income by promoting ads through our ad modules.

Why choose Fantasy Sports Tech for fantasy football app and Website development?


Technical Know-how

  • We have immense knowledge of fantasy football app creation and can help you to boost your profits through our app.
  • Experienced team of developers who can provide you your desired outcome.
  • Our app has stunning features, security advantages, and variable benefits compared to our competitors.
  • We provide you with a stunning User interface with adoptable customizations for your business needs.
  • Coding and developing of the app based on the Google guidelines.
non technical

Non-Technical areas

  • Best customer support and management - 24/7
  • Multiple testing strategies are followed before deployment
  • Free and instant deployment
Client satisfaction

Client-based focus

  • We understand the emotion and aspiration of the client and modify the app accordingly.
  • Clients’ priority and satisfaction is our prime focus.
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