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Fantasy Cricket App Development - Overview

No other games in the world are as tempting as Cricket. With all the last ball sixes, enchanting prayers, Aggressive roars when the opponent’s stumps get uprooted, and sensational moments waiting for the third umpire to declare run out decisions - all these always bring the excitement that we had, right? Making others excited is a blissful feeling and the credit goes to the cricket players. What if you can share some of the credits. Yes, with your fantasy cricket app you can further enhance the happiness and excitement of your audience.

We, at Fantasy Sports Tech, feel the vibration of every cricket fan and so came up with an outstanding fantasy gaming software for your gaming business. Our fantasy software is equipped with all the essential features and updates to make your gaming app stand aloof from others. With an attractive user dashboard and easily accessible UI, it induces the player to initiate daily fantasy games in your app. Our app is open to customizations and we have an experienced developer team to address all the customizations based on your business requirements. Come to us with your dream and become a successful entrepreneur in the fantasy world.

fantasy cricket app development
fantasy cricket app development company

What do we offer in Fantasy Cricket app development

With our fantasy cricket app you can engage your users with your app through two important methods of gaming:

1. Daily or monthly or season gaming engagement where you can allow your players to create contests or participate in tournaments with their friends and foes.

2. Offers and Rewards - We provide exuberant software that can allow the Admin to introduce offers and rewards during the contests.

3. Distinguished API - We, At Fantasy Sports Tech, offer updated API for ensuring the smooth functioning of the app without any interruptions.

Advantages of starting your Fantasy Cricket app

Consistent Profits

To be frank, Cricket is one of the hottest shots in the gaming world. Every now and then certain leagues are happening all over the world,. So, starting your Fantasy app will provide you with great benefits.

Earning through contests

If there is no other main cricket game going on, you can conduct contests like quizzes and puzzles and engage your users and earn an entry fee for that

Legal sport

Fantasy is declared legal in many countries and it is considered one of the evolving industries in the digital world.

Brand vision

In the fantasy industry, you can improve your brand presence due to enormous traffic in this sector in the present condition. Just increase your brand awareness and brand presence by owning a fantasy cricket app software.

Global presence

With multilingual assistance from our software, you can easily expand your fantasy business and introduce cricket contests from any corner of the world.

Popular Cricket Leagues

Some of the popular worldwide cricket leagues that the ICC conducts

icc world cup
ICC World Cup

If a league can make the audience more enthusiastic, cheerful, and seat-ridden, the ICC world cup is the one. Fantasy sports Tech inducts this league during the world cup season.

icc t20 world cup
ICC T-20 World cup

Twenty-20 matches are fun. With all the sky shows and super-duper hits, it is fun to watch with all the world teams tugging against each other.

Apart from the world tournaments, We help to induct all the other major leagues that happen regionally

indian premier league
Indian Premier League

If a league can make the audience more enthusiastic, cheerful, and seat-ridden, the ICC world cup is the one. Fantasy sports Tech inducts this league during the world cup season.

We also include other regional premier leagues including

pakistan premier league
Pakistan Premier League
afghanistan premier league
Afghanistan Premier League
srilanka premier league
Sri Lanka Premier League
caribbean premier league
Caribbean Premier League

How does our Fantasy Cricket App work?

Fantasy Cricket platform works similar to the normal cricket match. The only difference is that you can create your desired team irrespective of the real team they are in.

1. Firstly the user will have to register his account and sign in with your app.

2. The user has to deposit a certain amount to participate in the context using multiple payment methods.

3. The user has to draft their team before the real match starts.

4. Points will be distributed to the user based on the performance of the real player in the real match.

5. The winner would be declared based on the points that one gets in the fantasy game.

6. Prize money and rewards would be transferred to the user account immediately after the match.

fantasy cricket app work

Why choose Fantasy sports Tech for Fantasy cricket app development?

Fantasy Sports Tech is expertise in crafting fantasy sports software for many gaming businesses in the world. Their off-the-rack white label fantasy cricket software will allow you to instantly start your gaming business. We are ready to customize your software based on business requirements. We have a well-equipped team of professionals to make your fantasy cricket app one of the best in the market. We use state of the art market-driven strategies to tailor your app. Fantasy sports Tech gives more focus on the quality approach. That is the reason why we invest in updated technology tools to make your app functionally strong. You cannot get a bug-free, customizable white label fantasy gaming software anywhere other than Fantasy Sports Tech. Our app gets successfully approved by Google Play and the Apple store. We provide 24/7 customer support and rear end back up for all your business assistance. Evolve your fantasy gaming business by initiating Fantasy Cricket App with fantasy sports Tech.

Scintillating Features of our Fantasy Cricket app Development Software

Fantasy Sports Tech provides you with a remarkable fantasy cricket app imbibed with distinguished features.

data feed
Live Data feed

The user can play the game with live data updates from the real-time data feed providers.

Multiple payment options

Our Dream11 clone comes with multiple payment options so that the user will feel easy to deposit and enjoy the benefits.

Daily fantasy

The user can choose a single team and play for an entire week during the contests.

Live chat option

The user can chat with another user of the same community during the match. Customer support assistance is 24/7 and so, there is no need to panic if there are any interruptions.

All leagues included

our app includes all the major cricket leagues. We are ready to add some other regional leagues based on your significance.

push notification
Push notification

The user will not need to get afraid that they would forget the match. With timely push notifications, our app reminds of the upcoming game and contests.


Our app provides smooth performance for millions of simultaneous users. There will be no sort of technical interruptions during the app performance.

Various drafting options

The user can draft players through various modes including online drafting, offline drafting, auto-drafting, Auction, etc.


Our app is highly secure and engulfed with security features including Blockchain technology. We can add some other additional security features based on the request.

multilingual support
Multilingual Support

Compete with the fantasy cricket platforms worldwide with our multilingual assistance.

Integration add-ons on our Fantasy Cricket app software

We, at Fantasy Sports Tech, are always open to additional customizations based on clients’ requests and business requirements. Some of the additional integration choices that we provide for our clients are


you can provide the player with a chance of substituting the position of the players during the middle of the match.

player prediction
Player prediction

Our app player prediction helps the user to analyze the choices of the user based on the player’s past performances and rewards.

live streaming
Live streaming

Live streaming of matches is possible in our app as we project live matches while you are playing the game.

Make it more social

Like other social media platforms, our app also provides you an opportunity to follow friends and chat with them.

player comparison
Player comparison

You can compare the performance of the plate with other players and draw in-depth research about it.

security option
Additional security options

Despite the complete protection of the Blockchain technology, you can add some more security features to make your app more secure and unique.

Monetization model in our Fantasy Cricket app

As Warren Buffet warned that if we don't learn how to make money while we sleep, we have to work until we die. And we strongly believe that our clients will make money through passive income with our fantasy cricket app. Some of our monetization models through our fantasy app are


Your app will become more popular and get more reach. And it is not a surprise that many new brands will reach you to promote their brands in your stream through ads and video campaigns. Also, by running ads, you can earn a considerable amount from Google Adsense.


You will get revenues when every player puts his money to play the game and that is the part of the profit that you can make without any strain. Just manage the Admin dashboard and no need for any technical watch.

Frequently asked questions

There is no requirement for any technical knowledge to manage your fantasy cricket app.
We, at Fantasy Sports Tech, provide you 24/7 customer support for your app needs. So, if you face any technical interruptions, we always have your back.
If you choose an off-the-rack white label fantasy cricket application, then you can get the app without customization in a maximum of 7 to 10 days. If there are any customizations needed from your end, an applicable amount of time will be necessary to make your app work perfect.
Scalability is one of the features that we induct into our fantasy cricket app. When your user base increases, we are there to further increase the scalability of your app.
Our fantasy cricket app software is affordable compared to other app software in the fantasy market. We provide services reliable to the startups and entrepreneurs to kickstart their business venture with our reliable service.
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