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Custom FanDuel clone development

If you are searching for a customized FanDuel clone development software, then it is great to say that your search is over here. Fantasy Sports Tech provides a one-stop solution for all your Fanduel clone script solutions. Our Fanduel clone software is customizable software with options to add or remove any features based on your business requirements. Our clone script is a unique clone software that serves all the user requests and makes their gameplay valuable by providing utmost entertainment.

fanduel clone app development

About Fanduel

FanDuel starts with their attractive tagline “More Ways to Win.” This itself an ignition for entrepreneurs and startups to kickstart a clone app like Fanduel. It is one of the premier destinations that every online fantasy player would ever aspire for. With multiple games and slots and choices, FanDuel is one such phenomenal game app for those sports lovers. You can create or participate in contests and win exciting rewards. Apart from the normal games, they also have Horse Racing and Casino games included that cherishes the player now and then. FanDuel sportsbook provides the users with multiple options to bet on the games and offering that they prefer to bet on. With all these updated features, FanDuel remains one of the greatest clone apps for a sports business. Starting a sports business like FanDuel is one such dream of every entrepreneur and we, at Fantasy Sports Tech, help you to achieve your dream of becoming a successful sports platform like FanDuel.

Types of Contest included in our Fanduel Clone App

Fantasy sports Tech provides various sports features in the FanDuel clone with three specialized ways of entertainment :

sports betting
Sports Betting

Immediate sign-up, registration, and multiple deposit options. You can choose any number of players and place a bet on them. Available in 5 states as of now.

Daily betting
Daily betting options

Participate in daily or weekly contests and win exciting rewards. Play with your friends or foe and make your leisure fruitful.

Horse Racing
Horse Racing

If you want your users to earn rewards every five minutes, then this is the finest betting option. The player can participate in every tournament that he wants to participate in. It is available in 23 states.

Games involved in FanDuel clone script

games involved in fanduel clone script

Our FanDuel clone app imbibes in itself all the popular games that are conducted worldwide in the fantasy world. Our Daily Sports Betting platform offers daily sports contests like Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, etc. The drafting process is facilitated and simplified that makes the player choose his desired player and win exciting rewards and prizes. Some of the popular games of FanDuel include NFL, FBL, EPL, NASCAR, PGA, ATP, WNBA, etc.

Casino Betting - It is time to bring the whole of Vegas to your home. Allow your users to bet on your favorite casino game and win attractive prizes.

Horse Racing - Let your players bet on their favorite jockeys who ride talented horses and win exciting rewards.

Online sportsbook - Our FanDuel clone provides a unique online sportsbook that will offer your players to generate multiple ways of profit.

Rewards, Contests, and Prize Pools in our FanDuel Clone app

Fantasy Sports Tech provides you with a well-equipped FanDuel clone software that helps you to conduct tournaments and lets your players create, participate, and win in various contests.


The players can participate in the tournaments conducted worldwide with the facility of live streaming. The users can participate in any games you desire with a minimum deposit amount and win huge profits.


As an app owner, you can conduct as many leagues and fix the number of participants in the league. Leagues are drawing points of profits as there will be a competition to participate in leagues as they promise huge profits for the player.

Head to Head

The players can also participate in the Head-to-head contests and challenge each other and show their gaming skills.

Multiplier contests

Certain contests provide multiplier options where the player can get a multiple of his investment that you have put.

Salient features of our FanDuel clone script

livefeed width=
Live Updates

Our FanDuel clone app provides the opportunity for the users to enjoy the live updates while playing.

Lobby features and Dashboard

Stunning Dashboard with attractive Lobby feature are the unique points in our clone software.

sports activity
Upcoming sports events

Your dashboard will be filled with the upcoming sports events on the swipe associated feature for your users.

History check

With our exceptional clone script software, your users can track the history of the events and the games they have participated in.

Performance overview

Our FanDuel clone software provides the users with the feature of their performance tracking.

friends mode
Friends Mode

Your user can enter into a contest created by your friend or foe and enjoy your game and win exciting rewards.

Push-up notifications

All the updates in the FanDuel clone app will showcase in your notifications to keep your users updated and engaged.

Add funds feature

You can add funds to the deposit account through your approved bank account after successful KYC verification.

Multi-language support

compete with other fantasy sports app through your multi-lingual assistance features to engage your worldwide audiences.

Multi-currency support

We provide your FanDuel clone software with multiple payment options for your users to deposit or withdraw the funds immediately.

Referral programs

Provide your users with the opportunity to earn in multiple ways than just winning from games and contests.

Chatbot Integration

Our FanDuel clone app is associated with 24/7 customer assistance to address queries.

Additional features included in our Fanduel clone app Development

group chat
Live Group chatting

Your users can chat with their friends about the gameplay, strategies, achievements, and much more.

live score
Live Match score updates

Your user will get a live match update even if he has got out of the app. It happens through a minimized pop-up screen.

gps track
GPS tracker

With GPs facility, the app can put your locality games in the front and other locality games in the back.

social media
Social Media sharing feature

Your user can herald his winnings and his achievements in social media by sharing feature enabled in the FanDuel Clone app.

How does our FanDuel Clone app works?

For the users, our FanDuel clone app works in an effective way altogether to give them an amazing experience. This is how it works

1. The user has to register his account with a mail address or phone number.

2. The user has to get approved of their KYC details with the admin to deposit the amount in his player account.

3. If the player wants to participate in a contest, he can pay the fee from his player account.

4. The winnings from the particular contest will go to the player account where the user can withdraw from it at any time of his convenience.

5. The user can have a live relay of the match after his betting where he can track the entire course of the match using our data feed feature.

6. Also, the user can track the performance of the site from time to time and based on the contests.

how does our fanduel clone app works

Monetary benefits that you will earn by using our FanDuel clone software

Our FanDuel clone software provides you with multiple monetary benefits. We carefully research the fantasy sports hub and come out with multiple revenue funnels for your business development and multiplication of profits.

Entry fee

You can charge your user an entry fee to participate in the contest and allow them to earn exciting rewards and real money.


You can earn extra revenue by promoting other brands in your fantasy FanDuel clone software because of the flow of users.

Affiliate programs

You need not spend your money to market your product if you have a reliable amount of users who can do that work for you.

Why should you choose Fantasy Sports Tech for FanDuel clone app development?

Fantasy sports Tech have been carefully following the fantasy sports field right from its initiation and have thorough expertise in the field of fantasy sports. We create white label software and clones of popular fantasy sports app. Our FanDuel Clone script is one of the best-sellers among entrepreneurs and startups. We provide a unique layout and a promising UI experience to the users which makes our software outstanding and perfect. We have a handful of experienced developers who are experts in crafting desired FanDuel clone software satisfying the client’s needs. We are equipped with updated technology tools to run our FanDuel Clone script software without any technical interruptions. We run multiple quality checks before reaching the client’s hands. Also, we are open to any sort of customizations from the client’s end.


FanDuel is one of the popular fantasy sports platforms that imbibes all kinds of sports and betting platforms like Horse Racing and Casino Gaming. This will multiply your revenue stream as it catches the likes of the sporty people to the core.
We, At Fantasy Sports Tech, use updated Technology stacks for our FanDuel clone app development. We use Kotlin, Java, Mongo DB, Node Js, etc. for our FanDuel clone app.
Of course, You can easily customize your FanDuel app based on your business requirements on every level of development. You can either add or remove some of the features present in the Fanduel clone software. You can include certain specialized features and security features as per your need.
It is a ready-made off-the-rack software that can be delivered within 5 to 7 days. But if you need any customizations to include, then it may take a minimal time to launch your platform like FanDuel.
It depends upon the customization factors that meet your business satisfaction. We provide clone apps at affordable traits that meet the financial and app expectations of startups and entrepreneurs.
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