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Fantasy Basketball App Development - An overview

It is great to see more fans for Basketball than any other game. Because Basketball is cool. No helmets, no need for sticks, and no other types of equipment. Just a spherical ball and two shoots. Simplicity and fun had united all the basketball fans around the world through famous basketball premier leagues. If a league is happening, it is not a game series, it is a festival. In this digital world getting united will not get fulfilled unless you are in the digital forum. But don’t worry if you cannot create a digital forum for basketball players. Rather, you can create fantasy basketball software to unite all your basketball buddies into one platform. We, at Fantasy Sports Tech, will help you to create a stunning basketball platform for your users where they can enjoy the game, bet on their desired players, and win real cash awards too. It is amazing, right? Fantasy sports is a 7 billion dollar industry and its growth preceded to 14.4 million dollars by 2020 despite the pandemic. So, if you are an entrepreneur or a startup, you can kickstart your fantasy basketball business and join the millionaire club.

fantasy basketball app development

Why initiating Fantasy Basketball App is a great investment?

Fantasy sports are reaching a new zenith. Specifically, when basketball entered into the fantasy sports platform, it raised to a certain level. With more than 60 million active users of the fantasy sports platform, the demand for the platform is increasing day by day. People who play fantasy sports fall between the age range of 18 to 40, which means that the fantasy platform is the youngest platform which can yield you huge results.

The evolving number of fantasy sports platforms indicates the significance of its demand and the huge return on investment for every entrepreneur. With an invariably huge investment in the players and the platform, you can make sure that this fantasy sports platform would be an evergreen business that you can kickstart your business career with. We, at Fantasy Sports Tech rightfully understand the entrepreneur’s mindset and help you to create an affordable and profitable fantasy basketball platform business.

Popular basketball leagues in our Fantasy Basketball app

It is America’s one of the best professional basketball leagues. With 30 teams tugging against each other, it is a treat to the audience’s eyes. Boost up the excitement by providing NBA fantasy leagues in your app.
Apart from the NBA, we also offer other popular basketball leagues that most of the fans enjoy :

euro league

Like the NBA in America, Euroleague is one of the greatest attention in Europe. Drag the audience and the cheer by inducting Euroleague in your Fantasy basketball app.

Liga ACB

Hola! Liga ACB is the best traction next to La Liga football. The passion, the fan following is amazing making it the best game in Spain. Spain basketball fans would go crazy to find your app if you include Liga ACB in your fantasy app.

ball league
Basketball - Super League

Turkey with its traditionalism as its signature had never dropped out of one of their oldest sports leagues - Basketball Super League.

basketball league
Basketball Bundesliga League

Another most edge of the seat basketball tournaments in entire Europe, BBL is really a sensation. Just divert the sensation by inducting this league in your app and create your Fantasy basketball community.

fiba cup
FIBA World Cup

With almost all the countries participating in this prestigious Basketball tournament, it has sure of a great fan following and social media presence. Inducting this into your app is a great thing for you and your basketball fans.

How do we build our Fantasy Basketball platform for you?

Our custom Fantasy basketball app development undergoes certain process :


If you are a kind of a guy who loves to rejoice the game with your friends, this is it. You can allow your users to enjoy the game by conducting leagues and joining their friends to participate in the league.

Scoring methods

You can create unique scoring methods for your app and can attach the data feed for live score visual-based comparison.

Scheduling the gameplay

Whatever basketball league happens, you can schedule your game in your app with much ease. Be it NBA, Euroleague, VBL, etc. it is easy to schedule the gameplay for your users.

Capping and drafting

you can allow the users to fix the cap or budget of their gameplay and participate in the contests based on the cap limit they want to bet.

basketball league
Various Leagues

You should not restrict your users to certain basketball games like NBA alone. We clearly understand that and our team of developers and designers will help to list major and regional basketball leagues to make your users’ happiness and excitement in a sequence.

Outstanding features of our Fantasy basketball software

Our fantasy basketball software is equipped with various features :

Multi-drafting feature

Why just one drafting if you can draft your team on various aspects. Our software provides users with online, offline, auction-based and auto drafting, etc.

live score
Live scores

You need not worry about live score updates as our software is integrated with the data feed mechanism. So your users will get live updates of the game on time every time.

Admin Dashboard

Pushing away all the clumsiness, our admin dashboard represents you the most needed information in a clear cut way, unlike other overloaded d-boards.

Stats overlook

This is not only for the admin but for all players. Yes, every player can take a look at their stand in their game by the user statistics feature in the gameplay. Based on your gameplay, and player’s choice you will be awarded points, rank, and the amount that you have won.

Multilingual assistance

Diversify your gaming software to this wide-open world by providing multilingual support. By this, You can stand out from other competitors in the fantasy sports sector.


Who does not want to be recognized after a whopping win. And we are concerned to recognize those talents and provide them badges, honors, and rewards.


Our fantasy software is made for those basketball lovers who want to enjoy their game without any interruptions. Our app is completely scalable with no sort of technical limitations.

Multiple platform access

Our software is crafted to adjust to various platforms and so the player can use your fantasy app on any device like smartphones, laptops, Tabs, etc.


Along with the default adoption of blockchain security, you can also customize your app with other additional security features based on your business requirements.

Miscellaneous Integration

Apart from the security and data feed integration, you can also add some miscellaneous integration like crypto payment gateways, additional regional contests, etc.

basketball steps

How does our Fantasy Basketball app work?

1. The user will have to register to participate in the fantasy basketball game.

2. After registration and signing in, he has to deposit a certain amount in the user’s account.

3. The user creates a team and drafts those players into the squad.

4. He has to pay a minimum fee to participate in the contest.

5. During the game, the user can monitor the scores through live data feeds

6. After the match is over, the winnings would be calculated based on the points the player gets in the real game.

7. Based on that winnings, the amount would be disbursed to the user’s account.

7. After reaching the withdrawal limit, the user can withdraw his winnings.

Revenue models used in our Fantasy basketball app development software

Through our Fantasy basketball app, you can generate multiple income and profits. They include

Contest fee and entry fee

You can collect entry fees and contest fees for the games the player participates in.


Franchise your app and spread it to the whole world. It is a win-win for you and the franchisee.


Fantasy Basketball usually have a huge traffic base and you can promote other related products and sports accessories through your app.

It should be noted that we do not share the revenue of any of these revenue streams that you generate in your app.

Why choose Fantasy Sports Tech for the Fantasy basketball app?

Fantasy Sports Tech are the trailblazers in the fantasy sports app development sector. They have a wide experience in providing fantasy solutions to their clients and making their business one of the best in the fantasy industry. We have well-equipped ready-made software to initiate your fantasy basketball app immediately. You can do further customizations and add certain other features like payment gateways. We have a qualified team of professionals who can adhere to your requirements and help you to craft your app based on your business demand. With our updated technology tools, we create on-demand software for our clients. We provide reliability and certain updates in the software that will make the player use the app with coziness. We always have your back as we provide 24/7 customer support for all your clarifications and needs. With fantasy Sports Tech, you can start your Bug-free fantasy sports platform instantly.

Frequently asked questions

No need. You do not need any technical knowledge to operate your fantasy basketball app. All you need to do is to manage the app effectively for your users.
If you face any technical glitch, we always have your back. We provide 24/7 customer support and address all the queries related to your fantasy basketball app.
If you want to start right away with our white label software, then you can get your app within a week. But if you want to induct any customizations, then it may take time regarding the type of add-ons you want to include.
Of course yes. We provide the app with maximum scalability features and you need not worry about scalability factors. we increase the scalability of your app when the user base increases.
It depends upon the customizations and updates that you ought to make in your fantasy basketball app. Fantasy Sports Tech provides fantasy app solutions at affordable prices which will be favorable for all startups and entrepreneurs.
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