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Fantasy Baseball app development - Overview

Nearly 35% to 40% of the American population are crazy about watching Baseball. Despite the fact that American football or soccer had gained attraction, baseball is always a sensation. Not because it is a national game, but because of the people’s aspirations over the game. With its widespread audience all over the world, Baseball is spreading its wings all around the world. Worldwide baseball fans do not have a proper organization for their aspirations to share and play exciting games.

That is the reason why the Fantasy Baseball app is significant. We, at Fantasy sports Tech, can feel the sport in every fan’s heart and hence came up with a well-tailored and remarkable fantasy baseball app software for your business. With this common ground, you can conjoin all your baseball fans in one place as a community, They can draft their players and play games and win real money. With a stunning user interface and customizable software, Fantasy sports Tech provides entrepreneurs with an excellent opportunity to start a fantasy baseball app and earn considerable profits. You are just a step away from initiating a trending baseball fantasy website and mobile application with us.

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What is a Fantasy Baseball league?

Fantasy Baseball league is an online league where a user can choose any desired players in the team by the process of drafting. It is related to the original game and the player who scores the maximum points in the real game will get more points in the fantasy game. If that particular player is chosen by the user, he can win exciting prizes and real cash awards. So, this is a win-win situation for both users and the fantasy baseball app owner. At Fantasy Sports Tech, provide a well-knitted fantasy baseball app and website development solutions to our clients. We aim to create a well-equipped online baseball community and hence we strive hard to create one such platform for our clients to make things achieve. Our white label fantasy baseball app development software is completely customizable. We have a well-developed team of developers, designers, and quality analysts to craft your platform according to your business requirements.

Major Baseball Leagues that we offer in our fantasy app

We, At Fantasy Sports Tech, covers all the major baseball leagues that are conducted all over the world:
It is America’s one of the best professional basketball leagues. With 30 teams tugging against each other, it is a treat to the audience’s eyes. Boost up the excitement by providing NBA fantasy leagues in your app. Apart from the NBA, we also offer other popular basketball leagues that most of the fans enjoy.

major baseball league (MLB)
Major League Baseball (MLB)

This league is one of the traditional yet popular baseball leagues in the United States of America. Nearly 30 states participate in this league which is a tug of war to capture the crown. This league is really an eye-catcher for the fans. We help the entrepreneurs to induct this league into the Fantasy Baseball app to make their users more exciting. We also provide technical assistance in adding minor baseball leagues which is constituent to MLB.

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)
Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB)

Nippon is no longer a paint producer only anymore. Their Baseball league conducted in Japan is gaining traction all over Asis making baseball one of the excellent entertainment among the audience. We can help you to further add up the spice in the entertainment by adding the NPB in your Fantasy Baseball app.

Columbian professional baseball league (CPBL)
Columbian Professional Baseball League (LCBP)

Have you ever felt the heat in the Winter. If not you can feel it in Columbia. Yes, the Columbian Professional Baseball league is one such warmth for baseball lovers. We assist you to include the LCBP into your fantasy Baseball app and make your users spellbound with awe.

Korean baseball league (KBL)
Korean baseball Organization League (KBL)

It is not about North or south when it comes to gaming. Feel the bliss of baseball in the Korean Baseball league. Just add up the bliss for your players by inducting the league into your fantasy baseball app and on the website.

We, at Fantasy Sports Tech, can help you to add some other popular leagues of regional significance - Australian Baseball League, Chinese Professional Baseball League, Pecos Baseball League, etc

Custom Fantasy Baseball app for your business

Fantasy sports Tech provides you the best custom Fantasy baseball app and website solutions for your fantasy app business

Tournaments and leagues

We offer you the option for your users to create private leagues and tournaments, and invite their friends to play with them and earn special rewards.

Score board
Scoring methods

We follow the regular baseball rules for considering points based on the hits, runs, saves, strikeouts, home runs, etc.


We offer the users to draft the players using certain methods like online and offline drafting, auto drafting, auctions, and salary caps, etc.

Listing Out
Listing out

Scheduling the baseball leagues and events on a time basis is no longer difficult. We have updated technology tools that will help you to schedule your leagues on a period basis - either daily or weekly or monthly and keep hold of the users in your app.

Extraordinary features of our Fantasy Baseball app and website

Being a pioneer in Fantasy sports app software services, We assemble the most prominent features for our clients to craft an extra-ordinary fantasy software to make their business a greatest success.

Drafting Player
Drafting players

You can effectively draft the players using the online or offline drafting or auto drafting or auction process.

Real-time Score feed
Real-time score feed

No worry about matching in your mobile phone and simultaneously watching your scores on TV. our live data feed provides live scores with updates in the app during the game.

Multilingual Support
Multilingual assistance

You can gather your fantasy app’s user engagement all over the world due to our multilingual assistance feature.

Offers and Reward Points
Offers and reward points

The user can inspect the reward points and other offers they receive based on the performance of the player in the real matches.

Multiple Payment Option
Multiple payment options

We offer you multiple payment options in your app. This will provide the user to make an easy deposit and start gaming. As this app is customizable, we are ready to add additional payment options based on your business needs.

Performance Sheet
Performance sheet

The performance of your virtual team is calculated and an analysis sheet is shown in the player’s dashboard along with his ranking and winnings in the game.


You can also offer your players other forms of earning opportunity by providing them referral benefits or affiliate links. A win-win for both owner and the player.

Steps we follow while developing the fantasy baseball app

We, At Fantasy sports Tech, will carefully examine the requirements and needs of the clients for constructing an outstanding fantasy baseball app. Such an analysis will be carried on to the UI/UX designers.

1. The UI/UX designers will craft your ideas into the app and make necessary changes, change the theme, inject attractive features into your app thereby giving a prompt look at how fantasy baseball platforms look.

2. Our team uses updated technology tools to make your fantasy baseball come to life. Our fantasy baseball app and website development tools are updated and highly reactive that can make your site a sensation to your users.

3. Our testing is done by a series of quality engineers. We do a QA assessment over our custom-built application and run necessary testing for the customized application. Our comprehensive testing makes your application stand out from the crowd.

4. Your dream app is made live after a confirmatory test-run.

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Steps we follow while developing the fantasy baseball app

Why Fantasy Sports Tech for Fantasy baseball app development?

Fantasy Sports Tech are pioneers in tailoring fantasy app and website platforms. When it comes to Baseball, We reckon on the viable and essential tools and technology stack and strive hard to create your dream app. Our remarkable white label software helps entrepreneurs to kickstart their business instantaneously. We are open to customizations based on business requirements. Our fantasy baseball app is equipped with high-security features with a user-friendly dashboard. Our Multilingual assistance helps you to make your app a global presence. We provide 24/7 technical assistance and back-end support for your app. We are glad to have serviced much happy fantasy sports app owners with our white label software. We would be so glad if you add us to your pride in owning a remarkable fantasy baseball app.

Frequently asked questions

There will be no need for any technical knowledge to manage your fantasy baseball app. We offer a stunning Admin dashboard to conduct all operations smoothly.
We make sure that we provide bug-free technically equipped fantasy baseball apps for your business. But if at any means, you face any assistance, we offer 24/7 technical support.
With a readymade white label fantasy baseball app software without any customizations, we can deliver the app within 7 to 10 Business days. But if you need any customizations, then it would take an extra minimal time to induct those features to your app.
We provide default scalability features to our clients. When your user base increases, we are there to further increase the scalability of your app.
We provide affordable fantasy baseball app and website solutions for all the startups and entrepreneurs. Our app software is the most efficient, both in terms of rate and performance. The price varies based on the customizations and additional features that a client needs to induct.
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