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We can create a fantasy sports gaming experience completely tailored around your business model to increase user engagement and form positive associations with your customers and clients. We build multiplatform fantasy sports apps, including Android and iOS.

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Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Sports are always fun. People generally love sports either because of a particular sport or a particular player. Inspiration for a particular sport is common, but an inspiration for a particular player is more enthusiastic. We always pray for our desired team to win. But if our desired player drew the team to the winning line, we will be on a cloud nine, right? But see, Good players are shredded up in various teams but what if we can conjoin them all in one place and create our own team.

build a fantasy sports app

That is truly a fantasy for many. Fantasies do come true. And with an experienced Fantasy app development company, there is no doubt. Fantasy Sports Tech is a single-window solution for satisfying your desired fantasy sports development app. We are expertise in providing stunning and dynamic gaming solutions so that you can create a stable business platform in the gaming arena. Be it Baseball, Football, Soccer, or Cricket, you can create a dynamic sports development application with us. Our sports development application comes with 24/7 technical and customer support that can run on both Android and iOS platforms. Gaming becomes more interesting if we can have some real benefits. Days are gone with those games that provide virtual currencies for consecutive levels. Our Fantasy sports app can allow your users to invest money on their fantasized team and earn variable earning benefits. Our gaming solutions are effective and easy to use. You want to create your gaming community, then a fantasy sports app is the only solution. Gather your audience in one place and let them enjoy the game with some passive income. With all the immense potential and experienced team, Fantasy sports tech is a one-stop solution for your fantasy sports development solutions.

Trending Features of Fantasy Sports App Development Software

Fantasy Sports Tech covers multiple features in their fantasy sports app development software

Geographical Indication
Admin Support
Live match and score updates
Game and winnings history
Raising a Query
Immediate payout

A Revenue Oriented Fantasy App development solutions to Create your Fantasy App

Gaming industries boomed than before due to their introduction of virtual earnings. For every level you clear in a game, you will earn some coins where you can upgrade your player mode and attire. But what is it in for us? Just entertainment, right. What if entertainment can assist with passive income? It will be Amazing. You need not work part-time for earning passive income. All you need to do is to provide a platform for your audience by starting your own gaming community - “Fantasy sports App”. This will allow your users to enjoy the game and earn real money for their gaming skills.

Starting your fantasy sports app is one of the best investments you can make. With the gaming fever getting on after an intermittent gap, the online gaming industry is making up its seats to make games reach the viewers through various platforms. So, all you need is an experienced fantasy app development team to start your app.

Fantasy Sports App Development Solutions
Start your fantasy sports app

Fantasy sports Tech provides you instant gaming solutions to start your fantasy sports app. We develop the application in the sense to help the players to earn revenue while they enjoy the game. We provide your players with an online platform with a robust and stunning UI experience where they can play their game by choosing their desired real-life players. They will earn coins and rewards based on the performance of the players.

You can customize your fantasy sports app based on your creativity and excite your players even more. Yes, you can add new games into your application based on the market demand and widen your audience base. We always got your back in developing your fantasy sports app as a top-notch gaming application. With our quality and professional service, we aim to provide the best gaming application services to all. So, enhance your gaming community with our professional fantasy Whitelabel sports app development software.

On-Demand Fantasy Sports App Development Services

We, At Fantasy Sports Tech provides top-notch fantasy sports app development services. We provide fantasy sports app development services as we design, develop, and customize the app based on market demand and business requirements. We provide a one-stop solution for all the services related to fantasy sports app development.

Customer-centric Fantasy Sports Website Development

Fantasy Sports tech provides handy website development services for its clients. We provide revenue generation gaming website for our clients to earn stunning profits for every game users play. Our website development team assists with the client and adheres to their changes and rearrangements thereby improving brand visibility.

Our primary aim is to create a remarkable gaming website that satisfies the audience base providing the best gaming experience. Coming to the User Interface, we use a dynamic and easy to load interface. If you need a dynamic fantasy sports website for your business needs, Our website development software got everything covered for you. We use advanced technology tools for creating a fantasy sports app development website. We have a clear understanding of the popular gaming sites and used advanced technology stack to make your gaming website top-notch and to race up in the competition. At Fantasy Sports Tech, we use well-built and effective programming languages to make your website entertaining and at the same time, efficient. We use Javascript for our script languages along with Node.js and Angular.js. The UI framework used by Fantasy sports Tech is exceptional to make the fantasy sports website more vibrant.

fantasy sports website development

Features of the Fantasy Sports Website Development

Some of the features that we use in our Fantasy sports website development are


Choose preferred players


Realtime Fantasy Score


Player Fantasy Points




Admin Dashboard


Easy Game Management

Features of the fantasy sports mobile app development

We can either build the fantasy sports mobile app from scratch through our premium and cutting-edge fancy sports programming and development services or we can give you a ready-made framework upon which you can build a custom fantasy app to accommodate all major sports, team dimensions and user aspirations. You can get a unique gaming software. Different models accommodated by the gaming solution are given below.

Easier sign up
Real-time notifications
Create and join contests
Create custom fantasy teams
User authentication
Earning opportunities
User management
Manage Players
Bonus and Referral
Manage content
Transactions and Reporting
Manage contests
Player records
Player records
Customer engagement
Nurture loyalty

About Fantasy Sports Tech

fantasy sports app website development

Fantasy Sports Tech is run by hardcore gaming enthusiast with very strong mobile app development backgrounds. We excel at creating highly engaging gaming solutions that don’t just provide entertainment, but also help businesses create platforms where their customers and clients can conclusively engage with them and develop a lasting kinship with the brand. We provide 24 x 7 support. We develop mobile apps for all major platforms including Android and iOS. We believe in creating immersive, easy-to-implement gaming solutions.

Over the years we have developed an expertise in developing and implementing fantasy sports software and fantasy sports scripts and have made a name for ourselves in the field of fantasy sports software development. Our fantasy sports mobile apps are highly customizable. You can integrate them with your marketing campaigns or you can offer them to your users as standalone software applications.

Why To Choose Fantasy Sports Tech To Build Your App?

Fantasy sports Tech stands out as a unique fantasy sports app software provider in the entire world. We offer instant fantasy gaming solutions. We create a perfect fantasy app for their client and customize until the client is satisfied. With many years of professional experience, we are down to earth to adhere to the client’s requirements and implement those recommended changes.

At Fantasy sports tech, we use updated technology tools. Some of the technology tools used are Laravel, Angular JS, Node scripts, Mongo DB UI framework, My SQL, etc. These technologies provide cutting edge factor to the fantasy sports application. Fantasy sports Tech imbibe the website or application with multiple features that benefit the client to get his users tangled with gaming. They provide 24/7 technical support and assistance to resolve issues related to the website.

build an sports mobile app

FAQs about our fantasy sports app development

Got some burning fantasy mobile app & software development questions to ask? We are providing answers below.

Being a premium mobile game app development company we are open to all ideas from you. Your imagination and our expertise can create a wonderful combination for your users, gamers, customers and clients.
All the necessary modules will be there, so, yes, if you want to incorporate features that enable you to carry out monetary transactions (or your users, customers & clients), you will easily be able to do that.
It depends. An app consisting of all the possible modules will take longer, even months. If you want to work with a ready-made framework, we can also make that available so that you can have a killer fantasy sports mobile app within a week. An off-the-shelf gaming software is available that can be tweaked per your needs. A benefit of working with us is that we have all the basic modules ready and we can quickly assemble them unless there is something really specific that you want and that hasn't yet been created. Otherwise, just like any other software application, the development time depends on the specs.
The biggest benefit is engagement. For an average business, it is often difficult to keep customers and clients engaged so that they remember your brand and form a positive association with it. Engaging them with fantasy sports mobile apps is one of the best ways to keep in touch with them without putting them off. You can incorporate your branding messages within the fantasy sports mobile app and make them as non-intrusive as possible. You can also use your fantasy sports mobile app to gather information on your users without violating their privacy.
Both the platforms have vast user bases. Numbers may vary from source to source but roughly, there are 2 billion people using Android right now, and more than a billion iPhone users worldwide. You don't want to ignore one market in favor of the other. We would advise you to develop your fantasy sports mobile app for both the operating systems, but ultimately, it is your choice and your targeting.
The cost depends on the number of features you want to develop from scratch. If you want to use a pre-built framework it may cost you less but then you also lack the flexibility that you get when you build your fantasy sports mobile app from scratch.


We make available to you our deep understanding of all contemporary gaming app development technologies and development stacks to create platform-specific, native, web-based and hybrid mobile gaming apps.

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